PlaceMakers TradePortal

About Trade Portal

The PlaceMakers Trade Portal has been created to give our Tradies access to the PlaceMakers online business tools via one Single Sign-on process called 'Know Me'. 

With PlaceMakers Know Me you only have to enter one set of credentials to access to various PlaceMakers business tools including the following websites:

  • PlaceMakers Plus (rewards platform)
  • PlaceMakers Online Invoices (formally known as Saber)
  • PlaceMakers Under Construction

The single sign on access for PlaceMakers PriceIT and Next Minute is coming soon.    

Our single sign-on authentication system 'Know Me' lets you access all your accounts with one password, one click. The benefit to you is the single sign one greatly increases productivity while keeping your data secure. 

Social Sign-In for easy access

Social authentication lets you sign in to 'Know Me' using your Social Identity Provider credentials from services such as Facebook, and Google. This provides you with a more streamlined experience, since they don’t need to create a 'Know Me' password to access all your accounts within the PlaceMakers Trade Portal. 


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